ISSUE 66 – GEL & SCOWL COVERS (with flexi!)
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ISSUE 66 – GEL & SCOWL COVERS (with flexi!)

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Can't choose a cover? How about just grab em both! Get the Scowl and Gel cover variants, each with a flexi inside. Why choose?

Also inside: Samiam, Kruelty, Unearth, Mudhoney, nothing, nowhere, Negative Prayer, Baby Metal, Dorthia Cottrell, Bouncing Souls, Brutal Youth, Burning Witches, Cattle Decapitation, Chrome Waves, Covet, Daisy Chain, Dave Hause, Decent Criminal, Defiled, Drain, Escuela Grind, Fidlar, Frenzal Rhomb, Hunting Lions, Jeromes Dream, Jesus Piece, MSPaint, Noble Rot, One Step Closer, Planet on a Chain, Poison Ruin, Scalp, Screaming Females, SPY, Smoulder, Tanlines, the Bollweevils, The Damned, The Used, waveform*, Tunic, Uboa, Useless ID, and more!